Here Be Beasties!

Here be Beasties!

The ancient maps had unknown places labeled with frightening names and pictures.  I’m sure they thought they were doing a service by warning those who recklessly ran to the edge of the world that they were going too far.  Thankfully, some of those folks went to BeastieLand and came back.  The world was bigger than we thought.  These intrepid folks took great pains to write down where they went.  The areas that before had been inhabited by beasts were now often named after the just-returned explorer.  Skilled map makers became some of the most important and sought-after people of the day.  Accurate maps made repeatable navigation possible.  The world changed.

God has provided a reliable and accurate guide that allows us to navigate this broken world, understand ourselves and know Him; the Bible.  It is apparent and appalling that much of modern culture and too many of those who call themselves Christians have abandoned the map of God’s word.  When we ignore the map, we don’t even know it when we venture off the path or into danger.

Unlike the imaginary beasties of times before, there are real monsters we have to deal with.  The perils of greed, self-centeredness, self-dependence (atheism) and a host of other issues threaten our every step.  We daily walk a mine field of dangers that threatens us, our marriages, our families, our communities and our nation. We need true guidance.

The map God gave us through the Bible was the rule of life in this country for generations.  It provided the repeatable navigation we needed for our lives.  The country and culture that developed became a beacon of religious and economic freedom. We delivered the world from tyranny in two world wars and paid the bills for the victors and the vanquished.  Sure, there were problems, we frequently ignored the map and strayed, but we always had the map and found our way back on course.

Today’s cultural navigators should be found in our pulpits.  Unfortunately, many who fill those pulpits no longer see the old map (the Bible) as necessary.  Perhaps they are swollen with self-importance or persuaded no one will listen to the old guideposts.  Maybe they are less concerned with true navigation than they are with pleasing the followers.  Blind guides can lead only to the ditch of destruction.

Do you have a dusty old map on your shelf?  Do you use it in your search for direction every day?  Do you submit to it, or do you foolishly believe it should change to meet your travel goals?

Maybe the beastie out there is each of us?