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Cinematic Convictions

Noah looks a lot like Captain Jack Aubrey.

Oh, that’s right, it is the same actor.  Yes, I’m talking about the current movie, Noah. I haven’t seen it and probably won’t.  I don’t see many movies, and there is nothing about this one to motivate me out of my normal lethargy.  Rather, there is much to make me forgo it even if I were a movie goer. Here’s a short list:  It is reported the director is an atheist; I already know the story and believe the one I read in the Bible; I don’t want to reward their degradation of scripture with my money.  To sum up, it doesn’t appeal to me.  If you want to go, have at it! Just don’t look to it for theology or for some insight into the world, God or man, unless it is man’s depravity.  That may be what the movie is all about!

The Bible tells us that man lives in rebellion against God, that man’s tendency is toward evil and self-serving behavior.  It also tells us that man needs a savior.  You cannot be a Christian and believe other than the above.  You can call yourself whatever you want, but you cannot “be” anything other than what you are.

Some believers have been upset that the movie does not accurately portray the events and teachings of the Bible.  I can understand that.  Others have responded with a visceral contempt for anyone who criticizes.  They remind us that it is only a movie; that it is supposed to make money, not converts; and that critics are both petty and overbearing by trying to sway the public from seeing it.  I think the rabid response of the movie’s defenders betrays their motive.  They really know the movie is about ideology, even theology.  It represents some segment of their worldview, and it must be protected. Rebellion is a reason unto itself.

Want to go to a believer’s movie?  Here are three:

Irreplaceable by the folks at Focus on the Family

A Ragamuffin’s Legacy about the life and music of Rich Mullins

God’s Not Dead, a college student’s battle for the faith

These movies will be encouraging, faith building and will support people who want to honor God.  Your choice!  I really did like Master and Commander, but he won’t get my money this time.